Residence for Investment

Residence for Investment

Application form


  1. Visa request letter, signed by the beneficiary addressed to the consular office, indicating: name and surname, nationality/citizenship, place of residence, the productive activity to which he/she is dedicated, and information on how he/she wishes to settle in the country (in Investor quality). This communication must not be legalized or accompanied by the apostille.
  2. Deposit the visa application form filled in legibly, in block letters or by machine. Available at the consular offices or on the consular services portal completed online.
  3. An ID photo of 4 × 5 centimeters, in front and with a white background.
  4. Original passport with a minimum validity of 18 months.
  5. National Identity Document of the country of one’s nationality/citizenship and legible photocopy of the Residence Card if she resides in a second country.
  6. Criminal Records Certificate issued by the competent authorities of the countries in which the person concerned has been domiciled in the last 5 years. It must be legalized or accompanied by the apostille as appropriate. * All documentation can be translated at the General Consulate of the Dominican Republic in Genoa, located in Via Antonio Cecchi2 / 21 Genoa.
  7. International Migration Guarantee Insurance Policy to cover medical or other circumstances that may occur to the foreign citizen during his stay in Dominican territory, in addition to the costs for repatriation.
  8. Medical Certificate issued by the treating physician of the Municipality of residence in Italy must indicate: the general diagnosis of the applicant’s state of health, which enjoys a healthy and robust physical and mental constitution, which is able to carry out his work, and accompanied by indications on possible infectious/contagious diseases. It must be issued by the competent health authorities and corresponding to the last country of residence of the applicant. The medical certificate must be written in block letters or on the computer, accompanied by the number of the medical order of residence in which the authorized doctor is registered. It must bear the apostille of the Hague requested in the Prefecture.

9.- Investment Certificate issued by CEI-RD, in accordance with the following categories:

Direct investor: must present a copy of the certification of the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD). Companies/companies operating under the Free Zone regime: must present a copy of the certification of the National Council of Free Zones (Consejo Nacional de Zonas Francas). The Contracted Foreign Companies or Sub-Contracted by the Executive Power: they must present a copy of the contract or the official gazette where the publication of the contract with the Dominican State appears.

Development projects in the Frontier area must present the certificate of the National Council for Development in the Frontier area (Consejo Nacional de Desarrollo Fronterizo).

Tourism Development Projects: it can be accredited both by the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD) and by the Ministry of Tourism.

Work Certification Letter from the Receiving Company.

Equally, for cases of dependencies for wife and children (e), these must be included in the guarantee certificate of the receiving company.

If the applicant is economically dependent, or is a domestic, or protected, or ascendant in a direct line or child (a) with more than 18 years of the beneficiary , a guarantee certificate must be added in which the guarantor (beneficiary of the program) certifies the quality and condition of economic dependence of the applicant; furthermore, to specify that he is responsible for the costs and maintenance beyond repatriation, should this be necessary.

In the event that the applicant is a shareholder of the company, he must also present the original administrative deed of the company, and deposit a copy (in accordance with the original).

This documentation will be presented in the original. Admissions received as salary/salary are not included.

They are not taken into consideration

10.- Legible copy of previous Dominican and other existing or expired visas.